1. IntroductionΒΆ

Scorpio broker is a reference implementation of NGSI-LD standard specifications that are compliant to ETSI standards. Basically Scorpio broker is a core component of FiWARE/IoT platform wherein IoT data-driven by dynamic context is collected, processed, notified & stored/ingested with different application usage perspectives. Scorpio broker also provides an implementation of REST API endpoints for various data context operations that conform to NGSI-LD API specification. Scorpio broker allows you to collect, process, notify and store the IoT data with dynamic context with the use of linked data concepts. It makes use of the microservice-based architecture build with the help of spring boot, which has its own advantages over the existing IoT brokers such as scalability, cross-technology integration, etc.

Scorpio Broker based on NGSI-LD offers a unique feature of Link data context that provides self-contained (or referenced) dynamic schema definition (i.e. the context) for contained data in each message/entity. Thus allows the Scorpio Broker core processing to still remain unified even it gets dynamic context-driven data as its input from different types of data sources coupled(or designed for) with different schemas.

Key advantages of Scorpio Broker over other brokers:

  • Uses micro-service architecture which enhances the performance drastically.
  • The Scorpio Broker architecture is designed & implemented as a scalable, highly available, and load balanced.
  • Use of Ld which gives us the leverage of dynamic context.
  • Usage of Kafka, allowing us the robust pub-sub service with the facility of scaling with no downtime.
  • It provides fail-over resiliency.
  • It provides load balancing to distribute the load on distributed infrastructure.
  • It is modular enough to offer low coupling and high cohesion by design.
  • It offers different storage integration without changing the application logic time and again.