5. Hello World exampleΒΆ

Generally speaking you can Create entities which is like the hello world program for Scorpio Broker by sending an HTTP POST request to http://localhost:9090/ngsi-ld/v1/entities/ with a payload like this

curl localhost:9090/ngsi-ld/v1/entities -s -S -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d @-
   "id": "urn:ngsi-ld:testunit:123",
   "type": "AirQualityObserved",
   "dateObserved": {
       "type": "Property",
       "value": {
           "@type": "DateTime",
           "@value": "2018-08-07T12:00:00Z"
   "NO2": {
       "type": "Property",
       "value": 22,
       "unitCode": "GP",
       "accuracy": {
           "type": "Property",
           "value": 0.95
   "refPointOfInterest": {
       "type": "Relationship",
       "object": "urn:ngsi-ld:PointOfInterest:RZ:MainSquare"
   "@context": [

In the given example the @context is in the payload therefore you have to set the ContentType header to application/ld+json

To receive entities you can send an HTTP GET to